Our Mission

You might say that So Not Nuts grew into a powerfully successful company from simple seeds of change. In fact, the company’s first seedlings took root and bloomed into a transformational company with the ability to offer the newest SUPERFOOD available on the market. Their claim to fame is offering a digestible and delicious nut alternative, Sacha Inchi seeds, to a society of snack eating Americans who are looking for healthy alternatives and some of whom suffer from nut allergies but love the crunchy goodness of a handful of nuts. 

Sacha Inchi is formidable superfood seeds that look and eat like nuts but are not nuts and do not contain the often harmful side effects that tree nuts often do. According to Harvard School of Public Health, “superfoods” otherwise known as “power foods”, “offers high levels of desirable nutrients, is linked to the prevention of a disease, or is believed to offer several simultaneous health benefits beyond its nutritional value” (https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/superfoods/). At So Not Nuts, we have combined this incredible superfood with the highest quality business practices. 

By description, Sacha Inchi is arguably the healthiest superfood in the world. It comes from the Amazon Rainforest and high atop the Peruvian Andes Mountains. Inca Indians have enjoyed the benefits of the plant for more than 300 years. The star-shaped pod of the Plukenetia Volubilis plant produces seeds. These seeds, while resembling the look and texture of a tree-nut, does not contain the same negative allergy related side-effects that tree-nuts can! Instead, this super-charged power-food often results in positive and noticeable changes in body composition, mental clarity and overall health vitality. In fact, our expert, Dr. Kratz is so nuts about Sacha Inchi that he has become an advocate of the superfood seeds and the commitment to excellence So Not Nuts makes to the product, environment and to the farmers of Southeast Asia, and around the world. 

As the founders of So Not Nuts ventured further along their journey, they sadly learned that most rural families of Southeast Asia live annually on what most Americans make in a week or a day. Some families live on an income of $500 a year and many on half of that. To get the “nuts” sourced from Southeast Asia and brought to American customers, So Not Nuts began working closely with land farmers and on a strategy for fair trade practices that would provide an opportunity for change. So Not Nuts would equip impoverished farmers with the skills to grow lucrative crops and manage farms while in return, So Not Nuts would buy the fruits of their labor. This practice of fair trade brought the newest superfood to the pantry shelves of American kitchens and liberated impoverished farmers and their families to a life of hope and opportunity. 

Southeast Asia has the perfect climate, available land, and the proper skills for growing Plukenetia Volubilis plants, but they lack the means for buying seeds and materials. By way of mutual benefit, Sacha Inchi farmers of Southeast Asia can now afford the ability to provide daily food for their families, send their children to school and seek medical care. In some cases, this fair-trade deal allows children to escape the injustice of slave labor wages and worse. 

So Not Nuts prides itself on partnering with the farmers of Southeast Asia and a commitment to the transformation of an otherwise impoverished society of hard-working people. As the journey continued and a company emerged, a mission also grew. So Not Nuts would search for the finest quality, organically grown Plukenetia Volubilis plants in the world. They would only do business with farmers and companies who believed in and practiced fair labor standards and provided fair wages to all employees. For their part, the leadership of So Not Nuts would equip farmers with the necessary knowledge and skills needed to manage farms, fields that would grow abundant crops and provide a socio-economic opportunity for the families of their workers and a beneficial product to all humans. 

As a company, they took their commitment one step further. In addition to offering the highest quality “nut free” products, So Not Nuts does what many of their competitors don't do; they ensure that each step of manufacturing Sacha Inchi, into a delicious and edible superfood, is done in a “nut-free” environment. That’s right! “Nut-free” is only as good as the original seed source coupled with the stringent practice of ensuring a nut-free environment for creating products. Remember this when searching other companies for the newest superfood! Many companies will offer a nut-free snack and many will put the danger of nut allergies right back into their product by not producing them in a 100% nut-free environment. At So Not Nuts, we take this combination of a great product and quality control very seriously. 

Although their journey is ongoing, So Not Nuts takes pride as a leading competitor while looking to the future for the best of the best for their customers. They are simply the best company when it comes to research, sourcing, fair labor practice, better living wages to all employees, giving back to the environment, providing the best tasting product and ensuring this is all done in a 100% nut-free manufacturing facility by a team of integrity-centered employees who care about the same quality as their customers. 

From a business, human and humane perspective, So Not Nuts considers every aspect of integrity when developing their products. 

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